WLB is a property development and advisory company with a focus on residential, retail, Club and mixed-use projects in NSW. WLB has a long track record of success based upon its expertise in all aspects of the development process, including:


•  The identification and acquisition of potential development opportunities
•  A thorough knowledge of the approval process in NSW
•  Strong relationships with the major banks founded upon a substantial equity base
•  Excellent relationships with quality and well-resourced construction partners
•  High level relationships with the leading sales and marketing agents in Australia.


The directors of WLB have a long history of working in joint ventures with landowners, many of whom are community and social organisations that possess extensive property holdings yet have a limited background in property development and a consequent need to mitigate the risks associated with the development process.


WLB has built its reputation on the strength of the projects it has undertaken in its own right, together with the quality of its engagement with its partners and vendors. We encourage potential partners to speak with anyone previously involved with WLB to gain an understanding of the benificial outcomes that can be achieved through undertaking a project with WLB.